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Presentation guidelines

Dear presenters:

Each oral presentation should be 15 min in length which leaves about 10 min for questions and discussion. If there are less than 4 people presenting at the session, your presentation can be 20 min, but that must be agreed with the session chair.







The midterm conference of the Research Network of Sociology of Consumption of the European Sociological Association will be held in Porto in 2014.




   This midterm conference encourages participants to reflect on the conditions that create the empirical outcomes of scholarship of consumption in different national settings and also invites to think on the varying explanatory power of conceptual tools in such contexts. What implications do conceptualisations and approaches have on comparisons and how does methodology shape results in different environments? How do the conceptual tools, frequently used in consumer research, work under various settings? In what ways the similarities and differences observed can refine the theoretical frameworks used? How do the institutional frameworks and national repertoires influence the consumer behaviour on the micro-level? The meeting furthermore wants to sharpen our analytical toolbox also in the context of growing cultural diversities inside countries.